Fraud NTRO employee puneet shows his lack of honesty and humanity when he refuses to communicate with google competitor

The fraud ntro employee puneet shamelessly and falsely claimed to know the harmless google competitor very well, to misuse her name, steal her resume, investment, memory, correspondence for google, tata sponsored frauds like shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, others and put her under surveillance, when there almost no connection at all. Otherwise the google competitor was a harmless citizen, who no one would bother,
However now after stealing everything, the light eyed brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet is washing his hands off the mess he created, refusing to return the money he has stolen from the google competitor a private citizen, with no powers or provide any kind of information. He is refusing to communicate in any way with the google competitor whose resume, he cunningly stole to get 5-6 lazy greedy mediocre fraud women lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs
Why is the indian government allowing an ntro employee to waste indian tax payer money to stalk, sexually harass and torture a private citizen, a harmless single woman engineer who he hates . How is this case different from the Varnika kundu sexual harassment case.
He is aware of the greatest losses financially and to the reputation of the google competitor that his actions have caused, however he is extremely cruel, without any humanity at all, so he refuses to acknowledge his mistake or offer any kind of compensation. Instead he and associates like the shivalli brahmin frauds hathwar, kodancha, continue to use voice to skull technology to mentally harass the google competitor, forcing her to take the additional effort to retrain her mind

Prostitute, fraud pampering NTRO employees greatly overestimate their sex worker, cheater housewife girlfriends

In a clear indication that google, tata have made NTRO National SEX RUMORS organization since 2010, NTRO employees led by the cheaters puneet, parmar, patel, vijay, j srinivasan, greatly overestimated their lazy greedy mediocre sex worker, housewife, blackmailer and fraud girlfriends to get these lazy fraud women lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly government salary, faking their resume, investment, online work.
there is a lot of competition for online money making, a lot of time, money have to be spent and risk also has to be taken, which the lazy greedy sex worker, cheater housewife and fraud girlfriends, relatives of top officials are least interested in taking.
However the powerful fraud ntro employees refuse to admit their mistake, and continue to defame, cheat,exploit, stalk and sexually harass the google competitor whose resume, savings they have stolen for their sex worker, fraud girlfriends

Fraud security agency employees only steal resume, savings, correspondence of bhandari engineers to get money, SEX bribes

Though they are poorer dalit leaders, officials are honest are do not allow the resume of dalit/SC/ST students who have actually got a btech degree from a top college to be stolen, as they appreciate hard work and merit.
However the bhandari leaders and officials, especially in goa are shameless section 420 frauds taking bribes from google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW employees like indore document robber housewife veena, slim goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan 2013 bsc who offers SEX services to brahmin officials and then duping people, companies and countries that the cheater, sex worker has the btech 1993 ee degree , resume, investment of a harmless single woman obc bhandari single woman engineer, domain investor, and google competitor.
These officials who are pampering the google, tata sponsored sex worker, cheater R&AW employees have no right to associate themselves with the obc bhandari single woman engineer, domain investor, take credit for her achievement. 7 years after the fraud has started, the google competitor does not consider herself to belong to the bhandari community in goa, because the officials are shameless frauds pampering sex workers, cheaters.

Fighting fraud, large companies in India

In her column in Sunday Times of India on 9 July 2017, the writer and celebrity Shobha De commented on the death of the former tata finance ceo Dilip Pendse, who allegedly was sacked in 2001, after allegedly committing financial irregularities.

She commented that he may have made a wrong decision, resulting in losses to the company, and he may have become frustrated at how difficult it was to get any kind of justice. She commented that instead of working in a corporate, using his training and experience, Pendse was wasting his life trying to get justice.

She also commented that fighting the system or a powerful company is very lonely in India, no one will help the victim or person falsely accused , friends and close relatively will also desert the person if he or he is always complaining.