Government agencies do not harass swetha venugala and other domain investors, only in goa domain investors denied their fundamental rights

Though the indian tech, internet companies are falsely claiming that domain investment is very lucrative, in reality it is very risky, since a huge amount of money is spent on renewals for more than 400 domains.
Additionally google, tata, indian internet and tech companies are bribing the extremely corrupt greedy security agency employees, especially in panaji, goa, to falsely label the domain investor a security threat, deny the harmless private citizen, his or her fundamental rights and subject the domain investor to the most horrific human rights abuses.
The domain investor , a single woman engineer owns only approximately 500 domains, yet instead of purchasing the domains paying the market price, the corrupt security agency employees mandrekar, nayak, caro, pritesh chodankar, naik, are criminally defaming her, falsely labelling her a security threat, to deny her fundamental rights, commit banking fraud on her forcing her to protest loudly since 2013 and get their relatives, bribe givers government jobs faking domain ownership .
In contrast though Hyderabad domain investor swetha yenugala has far more domains, 16000 domains she leads a normal life, she is not labelled a security threat and is not denied her fundamental rights, her correspondence is not robbed, though hyderabad is a far larger city than panaji,goa
The domain investor would like to ask the goa government, security agencies when hyderabad and other cities, towns do not falsely label domain investors, who are mostly at home, a security threat without any proof, why is goa government alone criminally defaming, cheating, exploiting the single woman engineer, just because she owns a small number of domains
The goa government claims that it wants investors to invest in goa, yet it refuses to end the persecution, human right abuses and criminal defamation of those who have already invested in goa, So before investing in goa, the investors should consider how the greedy goan officials are persecuting investors in the worst manner, denying them the fundamental rights which domain investors like Hyderabad domain investor swetha yenugala have, despite investing in 16000 domains