Denial of social justice, human rights abuses has affected the election results

One of the major changes in indian society and government which the mainstream media refuses to cover in the last decade is how some citizens, especially minorities are systematically discriminated against, CHEATED, EXPLOITED, ROBBED denied social justice, the right to equality and subjected to horrific human rights abuses.
For example the domain investor, a single woman engineer, migrant from north karnataka has been subjected to RESUME ROBBERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY , human rights abuses since 2010 without a legally valid reason, by cunning cruel top indian government employees, allegedly her btech 1993 batchmates from iit bombay, to get at least 10-15 of their lazy greedy cheater girlfriends and associates lucrative government jobs in the indian internet sector, in a clear case of discrimination, lack of social justice.
For example panaji goan bhandari DOMAIN FRAUDSTER raw employee sunaina chodan has plenty of money to purchase a swift dzire car costing Rs 7.5 lakh, yet she refuses to purchase domains, and government agencies continue their online, financial fraud of DUPING people, companies and countries that sunaina, their favorite cheater call girl, who does not pay for domains, owns this and other domains of a private citizen, who is criminally defamed, denied justice
While the fraud liar top government, raw/cbi employees especially the shameless scammer shivalli brahmins, greedy goans continue to label all the content in the website network exposing their massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY as spam, it appears that a large number of citizens are also being cheated, exploited and robbed in a similar manner
It appears that some political parties are realizing that the government agencies are denying citizens social justice and this affected the election results in some of the largest states since some political parties are ruthless in cheating, exploiting vulnerable citizens

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