Human rights abuses using wireless technologies force citizens to change address

Radiation torture and other wireless torture methods are being used extensively to torture some citizens, especially whistleblowers, since it is very difficult for the victim to collect proof. While frequency waves and radiation are invisible, the pain and damage caused is real.
In metro cities, the officials have perfected torturing certain addresses, increasing the radiation levels to a very great extent, affecting the brain function, damaging the organs.
Only some intelligence/security agency employees are aware of the damage that the wireless weapons cause.
While most citizens will not be aware of how the wireless torture weapons are used, trained electrical engineers are aware of the problem and damaged caused. So whenever possible, though the victim does not like traveling, she is forced to change address only to avoid radiation torture.
It appears that setting up the radiation torture system will take some time, so the victim can escape the radiation torture for a few weeks everytime the address is changed.
Since radiation torture is expensive, the torture system is switched off after it is confirmed that the house is empty.