tech and internet companies extremely ruthless in their human rights abuses on whistleblowers

In most industry sectors, experienced professionals are making more money and are treated with respect. Only in the indian internet sector, some experienced webmasters, domain investors are victims of government SLAVERY, financial fraud, human rights abuses for more than 14 years. After robbing the resume, data, correspondence of the single woman engineer, domain investor, for 14 years to become rich and powerful, there is nothing left to rob.
So to silence the single woman engineer who is complaining about the slavery, financial fraud, the tech, internet companies have further increased their human rights abuses on the single woman engineer, using the most sophisticated torture technology available.
The new torture equipment causes great mental confusion, memory loss, and insomnia in addition to damaging the cells of the body causing great pain. The pain disappears when the victim moves away from the location where the torture equipment is installed, indicating that there is no internal problem in the body.The mainstream media refuses to cover the use of wireless torture equipment on harmless citizens.