Human rights abuses using radiation torture increase every time a paypal payment is received

In addition to the government SLAVERY, criminal defamation, financial fraud, another major problem faced by online business owners is human rights abuses using wireless technologies , radiation torture causing cell damage and great pain .
While in all other business sectors, the companies will pay even illiterate or semiliterate workers for the work they do, only in the indian internet sector the liar government agencies are robbing all the data of private citizens and falsely claiming that their lazy greedy call girl, sindhi school dropout, housewife and other fraud employees like gurugram cheater mba ruchita kinge who do not spend time and money, are doing all the work, paying all the expenses to waste tax payer money paying all their fraud employees monthly government salaries, giving them great powers.
To cover up the government slavery, the CHEATER LIAR top tech and internet companies are also extremely vicious in criminally defaming the online worker, investor, refusing to acknowledge the time and money spent. Additionally they are doing everything possible to reduce the revenues of the online worker, investor making fake allegations of security threat without any legally valid reason .
Everytime a small amount of paypal payment is received for domains sold or advertising, the radiation torture increases to a very great extent causing great pain due to cell damage and insomnia.