It appears that mental torture techniques are being used on politicians from other countries also

The government agencies in india have subjected harmless citizens like the domain investor to the most horrific human rights abuses like brain mapping, memory robbery without a legally valid reason after faking friendship without being questioned
It now appears that politicians from other countries are also being subjected to the same torture techniques . After 41 canadian diplomats left india, videos of the canadian minister Melanie Joly and the prime minister Justin Trudeau are being shown extensively. In both the videos the leaders are being shown as making mistakes in their speech, which they correct later.
While insomnia could be one reason, the brain mapping wireless technology being widely used in india on some citizens like the domain investor are also being allegedly used on the canadian politicians. R&AW may be having an excellent network in canada and is using it to damage the career of politicians it finds hostile , R&AW is notorious for alleegdly interfering in elections in neighboring countries in asia . The shivalli brahmins may be involved.

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