Though prices have fallen to $50, CRUEL GREEDY government employees continue their human rights abuses

Extremely low prices of domains expose the cruelty, greed of well paid government employees
Usually the value of all assets is increasing rapidl. in the last decade, property prices have doubled or tripled
In contrast the prices of domains has reduced to one tenth of their value in the last decade
The domain investor is a harmless private citizen , yet she was subjected to the most horrific human rights abuses without a legally valid reason since 2010, because her extremely CRUEL SELFISH DISHONEST LIAR btech 1993 ee classmates from iit bombay, falsely claimed that the domains were very valuable, it was a great privilege owning the domains and the government employees had the right to commit human right abuses
In reality the domains are not valuable, the price of the domains has reduced ten times in the last decade, In 2016, the domain investor could sell for $500 , now on namepros buyers are only offering $50
yet the dishonest liar well paid GREEDY government employees,tech and internet companies continue their fake stories that the domains are very valuable to continue their government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, human rights abuses, cybercrime on the domain investor.
The domain investor is willing to sell the domains at a reasonable price, yet the extremely greedy selfish liar WELL PAID ntro/raw/cbi employees refuse to legally purchase the domains, instead making fake allegations to cover up their domain ownership fraud against the domain investor who is making great losses