GREEDY goan shameless scammer raw employee sindhi mandrekar ruthless in denying the domain investor her fundamental rights, robbing correspondence for 10 years
R&AW, indian government is directly responsible for all the negative content which is written online allowing its well paid powerful employees to abuse their powers to slander harmless hardworking citizens who they HATE without any kind of proof, denying them their fundamental rights, torturing them and committing financial fraud on them.
One of the best examples of government fraud, is how the correspondence of the harmless single woman engineer is being diverted to the GREEDY goan shameless scammer raw employee sindhi mandrekar who HATES her, slanders the single woman without a court order, for more than 10 years, to isolate the single woman in the worst manner. The domain investor is an ordinary private citizen, there is no reason why her correspondence should be diverted to a government employee siddhi mandrekar running an extortion racket, yet it has continued for the last 10 years
Additionally though the government is aware that siddhi mandrekar is not spending any money on domains, they are falsely claiming that scammer siddhi owns the domains of the single woman engineer who she hates, to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman.

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