One of the best indications of the worsening condition of educated women in India is how the Government agencies, especially ntro, raw, cbi deny hardworking educated women their fundamental rights, committing, FINANCIAL, EDUCATION FRAUD, labor law violations while REWARDING scammer sindhi school dropout housewives and other frauds with monthly government salary making fake claims
The government agencies are aware that their google, tata sponsored favorite scammer sindhi school dropout housewife naina chandan and other frauds are not doing any computer work, not investing money in domains, the housewives are only cooking, cleaning for their crooked husbands , yet government agencies are making fake claims about these scammer housewives and other frauds like the greedy goan call girls sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, sindhi scammer brothers nikhil, karan chand to pay them a monthly government salary
For 11 years, the government agencies are refusing to acknowledge the investment and time of the single woman domain investor, falsely giving various lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees credit and monthly government salaries at her expense

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