India is the world leader in CORRUPTION, with the indian tech, internet sector led by tata, IIT kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google extremely innovative in developing new forms of CORRUPTION, BRIBERY which the indian government, mainstream media refuses to acknowledge

In new form of CORRUPTION in india, top ntro, intelligence employees FAKING their relationship with single woman professionals to ROB everything from them, taking advantage of the fact that the single woman has no one to really help her, or defend herself against the fraud government employees who are falsely claiming to help her, when their actions prove their HATRED

For example for ten years, brahmin mhow monster ntro employee puneet convinced everyone that his HATRED for goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman domain investor was help to destroy her life completely, commit HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, ROB everything from her, misuse her name and get his lazy greedy fraud girlfriends raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of the goa 1989 jee tppper

After he has ROBBED everything, mhow monster ntro employee puneet is finally honest that he HATED the single woman and has never contacted her anytime in her life, yet he refuses to compensate the single woman for the losses, return the savings which he and his associates have ROBBED from her without any legally valid reason, end the correspondence robbery by his fraud girlfriends, riddhi, siddhi, sunaina, ruchika .

Any activist who can help end the correspondence robbery and retrieve stolen savings of the single woman from well paid ntro,raw, cbi, employees please contact on

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