Greedy corrupt Government employees refuse to recognize financial rights of indian domain investors

Domain investors are spending a lot of their time and money registering and managing domain names, especially expensive domain names. Worldwide those who wish to own any domain name, will pay the market price and get the domain name legally transferred to their name,

However in a fraud masterminded by google,tata since 2010, indian intelligence and security agencies think that if they defame a harmless indian citizens without any proof , they can cheat and exploit the domain investor for the rest of their life, falsely claim to own the domain name to get a monthly government salary for their relatives, friends , without spending any time and money , while making the real domain investor work like a slave to pay all the expenses, managing the domain names.

Reflecting the cheating, exploiting mindset of the government employees , they refuse to acknowledge the time and money which the domain investor,a private citizen, is spending and waste indian tax payer money to dupe countries, companies and people with their fake claims, defaming the real domain investor. It is a clear case of abuse of power , and these security and intelligence agency employees cannot be held accountable by indian citizens