Not a single person in the indian internet sector will acknowledge that the google competitor is being cheated and exploited

The indian internet sector is full of inhuman greedy shameless ruthless frauds and liars who promoting world famous goan prostitutes,cheater housewives and other frauds who do not spend any time, money and do not do any work online, as online experts, domain investors . the fraud was started by the cruel brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet, j srinivasan, and others are also following his footsteps
Due to the fraud google, tata, ntro employees , the indian internet sector has become the worst sector in the world for exploiting women especially single women domain investors who are ruthless defamed, cheated and exploited to supply sex workers to government employees, government jobs for relatives, sex workers,frauds, bribes for top officials at the expense of the domain investor who is getting nothing.

In the television, film industry and other sectors there are many women working, and the most high profile women are working hard, spending their time and are also paid well for the time they are spending. Even in other sectors women are paid fairly for the time they are spending doing work, however as part of the google,tata masterminded online, financial fraud, ntro employees refuse to acknowledge the time and money spent by women domain investors , falsely claiming that the goan call girls sunaina, siddhi supplied for sex and other frauds who are not spending any time, are doing the work, to pay the sex workers, frauds, a monthly salary, and give them great powers at the expense of the person who is actually doing the work

However due to fraud of the sundar pichai led google, in the indian internet sector, the woman domain investor who is spending the most time and money online is getting nothing while google,tata have ensured that all the goan prostitutes sunaina, siddhi, cheater housewives nayanshree, riddhi,veena, naina and frauds who cheated the domain investor are very well paid though these google, tata promoted sex workers, frauds do not spend any time and money online