When Cunning fraud brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet was extremely status conscious and least interested in communicating with the google competitor , he had no right to interfere in her life and make fake claims aboout her business, investment falsely claiming that his girlfriends were associated with her business in any way at all.
However in a major case of defamation, the Cunning fraud brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet who is an excellent actor, shamelessly and falsely claimed to know the google competitor very well, so that he could steal her resume, retirement savings, correspondence, memory without a court order or legally valid reason and get all his lazy fraud girlfriends lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs
Now in 2017 after all his lazy mediocre greedy fraud girlfriends are getting a monthly R&AW salary without doing any work, at the expense of the google competitor, the Cunning fraud brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet is washing his hands off the mess he has created, now openly admitting that he has nothing to do with the google competitor whose resume, savings, memory and correspondence he has stolen
However the incompetent indian government continues to waste indian tax payer money paying a salary to all the lazy greedy google, tata sponsored sex workers, cheater housewives, blackmailers and frauds to whom he gave fake references of a btech 1993 ee degree to.

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