NTRO employees waste crores of indian tax payer money to sexually harass, commit atrocities on female harmless engineering classmate

The indian government is facing a fiscal deficit, because the sex animal ntro employees led by the brahmin frauds puneet, j srinivasan are allowed to waste crores of indian tax payer money annually for stalking, sexually harassing, cheating, torturing and committing other atrocities on their harmless female engineering college classmate, who they hate in a clear case of human rights abuses , sexual harassment.
The female btech 1993 ee classmate of these cruel criminal ntro employees is a private citizen with no powers , yet to stalk and sexually harass the harmless single woman female engineer, the cruel cunning ntro employees led by the light eyed brahmin cheater puneet, falsely claimed to be helping her and knowing her very well, so that he could waste infinite indian tax payer money annually to stalk, defame, torture and sexually harass her . He also encouraged others to sexually harass, defame andd ridicule her also, falsely claiming that whatever she was doing, was extremely simple, which anyone could do.
After 7 years, the defamation, financial online fraud of the cruel fraud ntro employees especially puneet is clear as none of his lazy crooked greedy cheater girlfriends especially indore document robber R&AW employee housewife veena, goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, gujju fraudster asmita patel and others who he got R&AW/CBI jobs have not registered a single domain till date, rely on the fraud ntro employees to abuse their powers and make fake claims about domain ownership.
There are many male domain investors in India, with more domain names, more wordpress blogs and making far more money online, yet the cruel fraud ntro employees led by the cruel fraud puneet are always looking for an excuse to sexually harass, cheat and exploit the domain investor, their engineering classmate, wasting crores of rupees in indian tax payer money annually since 2010 out of hatred, greed.