matrimonial fraudsters emulating NTRO employees who steal resume, savings of single women

The times of india on 30 october 2017, carried the news of how goan women are being duped of large amounts of their money on matrimonial websites by fraudsters who are making promises of marriage on these websites, The matrimonial fraudsters are only emulating the world famous powerful fraudster NTRO employees who are stealing the impressive resume, savings of harmless women, especially domain investors falsely claiming that they wish to help them and known them well.
In fact the ntro employees are far worse than the matrimonial fraudsters as they never ever communicate with the harmless single woman whose savings they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.
While the women who are cheated on the matrimonial websites can at least file a police complaint and try to get justice, the women domain investors whose savings are stolen by the cbi, ntro employees cannot even file a police complaint, as the police do not entertain any complaint against cbi, ntro or intelligence employees , however great a fraud they may commit.
The matrimonial fraudsters are only stealing the money of the single woman, in addition to money, the ntro employees are also stealing the resume, correspondence, memory of the single woman domain investor, holding her a virtual prisoner, clearly indicating that the ntro employees are far greater fraudsters than the matrimonial site fraudsters
However times of india is only reporting on the relatively harmless matrimonial fraudsters and refusing to cover the news of the sex, money and other bribe taking ntro employees who are openly and brazenly involved in massive fraud on harmless single indian women working online, wasting indian tax payer money, allegedly bribed by google, tata and others.

Why do single woman domain investors have no right to their resume, retirement savings, correspondence, and memory in India, can the indian government, intelligence and security agencies justify in a open debate.