Harmless single woman engineer subjected to human rights abuses to get married cheaters monthly government salaries

One of the best examples of the rampant accounting, financial fraud, lack of honesty and humanity in indian society, government, tech and internet sector allegedly led by google,tata is how Dishonest greedy government agencies continue to help and reward ROBBER LIAR married raw/cbi employees who ROB MEMORY of a hardworking single woman and then pay monthly government salaries making fake claims of domain ownership, online income and pay these CYBERCRIMINALS monthly government salaries for making fake claims.
The government agencies are aware that domain fraudster raw/cbi employees are mainly housewives COOKING, CLEANING for their CROOKED husband with whom they live , or in some cases they are getting paid well for their profession of human resources manager, stock broker,legal professional for which they are spending time daily.
These google,tata sponsored BANKING FRAUDSTER raw/cbi employees are happily married to their crooked husband, have plenty of money, good social status, yet indicating the widespread rot in indian society, government since 2010, these married raw/cbi employees and siddhi mandrekar are extremely ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING,ROBBING a hardworking single woman who is making losses to become even richer and powerful since 2010,
Being worse than ROBBERS ,these CYBERCRIMINAL high status raw/cbi employees are using wirelesss technology to ROB the MEMORY of the harmless single woman so that they can make FAKE CLAIMS of owning the bank account, domains and get monthly government salaries.
The frequency and intensity of the wireless radiation used by the CYBERCRIMINAL raw/cbi employees is causing insomnia , the domain investor cannot sleep at night when the MEMORY ROBBERY contractors hired by the CHEATER raw/cbi are increasing the radiation intensity at night, like offline ROBBERS who prefer to work at night without being caught.
So the domain investor is desperately trying to end the MEMORY ROBBERY of the CYBERCRIMINAL CUNNING CHEATER raw/cbi employees so that she can sleep well at night.If she does not sleep well at night due to CYBERCRIMINAL government employees , she is wasting her time sleeping during the day, reducing her productivity greatly,